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You can get the fastest, most secure, remote desktop access solution without paying a fortune. Splashtop’s remote access (Business Access), unattended remote support (Splashtop Remote Support), and on-demand attended remote support (SOS) solutions are reliable, award-winning products that offer you better deals than LogMeIn, even with a coupon code.

Plus, Splashtop won’t raise your renewal prices annually like other remote access products, including LogMeIn. In case you haven’t heard, LogMeIn has raised the price of their remote access product by over 253% over the past five years.

So why spend your time looking for a coupon code for minimal savings now when you’ll have to still pay more? Splashtop gives you the best remote access solutions at the best value to you.

Save up to 80% compared to LogMeIn Pro

When comparing LogMeIn Pro to Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop costs less, runs faster, and also lets you access more computers (up to 10 per license). You can save up to $289 – $6,759 a year when you choose Splashtop Business Access over LogMeIn Pro.

Compare Splashtop Business Access vs LogMeIn Pro

Save up to 80% compared to LogMeIn Central

You can save up to 80% when you choose Splashtop Remote Support over LogMeIn Central. No coupon code can make up for that!

Don’t let the price difference fool you though, Splashtop Remote Support has the same top features as LogMeIn Central. You can remote into any Mac or Windows computer at any time, from anywhere, on any device with Splashtop Remote Support.

Compare Splashtop Remote Support vs LogMeIn Central

Save 50% guaranteed compared to LogMeIn Rescue

SOS is the best attended remote support solution on the market today, and it’s available to you at half the price of LogMeIn Rescue.

Many former LogMeIn customers, frustrated by increasing renewal prices, have already switched to SOS which comes with all the top features you need to provide remote support on-demand. Remote into any device at a moment’s notice, without the end-user needing to download or install in applications.

Compare SOS to LogMeIn Rescue

About Splashtop

Headquartered in San Jose, California and founded in 2006, Splashtop has focused on providing the best remote desktop, remote support, and screen mirroring solutions. Splashtop remote access solutions are used by tens of thousands of businesses and more than 20 million users for more than 500 million sessions.

Our prices are lower than our competitor’s because we spend less on marketing and rely on word-of-mouth through our customer’s positive reviews to help spread the word about our products.

LogMeIn Price Increase in 2018

Another year, another price increase

LogMeIn has recently raised their prices again for their LogMeIn Pro product. Individuals will now have to pay $349.99/year (up from $249.99 in 2017) for LogMeIn’s remote access product, an increase of 40 percent.

Splashtop Business Access, Splashtop’s award-winning remote access software solution, will keep its starting price at $60/year, making it 5 years in a row where Splashtop has refused to increase the prices on its popular remote access software.

2018 marks yet another price increase for LogMeIn Pro. Here’s a look at the pricing comparison of LogMeIn Pro vs. Splashtop Business Access over the last 5 years.


Splashtop Business Access allows you to remotely connect to your work computers with any other device. Once connected, you’ll be able to take control of your computer and have access to all of your applications and files. Work becomes easy thanks to Splashtop’s fast connections with high-definition video and sound.

With Splashtop Business Access, you can spend less, enjoy faster connections, and access up to 10 computers (compared to only 2 with LogMeIn Pro) with Business Access Pro. Splashtop Business Access offers all the features you need at a much lower price.

Interested in trying a remote access solution for the first time or switching from LogMeIn Pro? Give it a try with our risk free, no-obligations, free trial now. It only takes a couple minutes to get started! Your work productivity, and your wallet, will thank you for it later.

See the Splashtop Business Access vs. LogMeIn Pro feature and pricing comparison

Compare Remote Access Software – Get The Best Solution

compare remote access software with Splashtop

Remote access software or remote desktop software is used by individuals, IT professionals, Managed Services Providers (MSPs) and support organizations to remotely access computers and mobile devices. Individuals can use remote access to access their computers on-the-go. You can access your work computer from home using your home computer, iPad, iPhone, Android phone or tablet and more. Remote access software enables IT professionals to remote manage and access computers in their organization to provide support. They can also create accounts for users within their organizations to access their computers remotely.

When you compare remote access software to choose the best, the top two items to consider are feature set and price. Check out the comparisons below to assist you in evaluating Splashtop vs. the competition. You will see why Splashtop is the remote access software technology of choice for more than 20 million users.


Splashtop vs. TeamViewer

TeamViewer is the volume leader in remote desktop access, remote support and collaboration solutions. However, TeamViewer has expensive commercial plans, and their free remote access product comes with a few caveats (such as limited feature set and blocked connections due to suspected commercial use)

On the other hand, Splashtop offers the same top remote access features (such as file transfer and multi monitor support), but in a variety of packages designed for specific use cases. This means you can get a remote access solution with all the features you need and at a much lower price. TeamViewer starts at $588/year*, while Splashtop Business Access (for easy remote access) starts at $60/year. Splashtop SOS (for on-demand remote support) starts at $199/year.

You can compare features and pricing here. By choosing Splashtop over TeamViewer, you can save anywhere from 50% to 90% a year on your cost.

* Source: TeamViewer US web site $49/month ($588/yr) list price for Single User plan, Feb 2019.

Splashtop vs. RescueAssist (formerly GoToAssist)

RescueAssist (formerly GoToAssist) is a popular remote support software solution. Splashtop’s attended and unattended support solutions provide remote support features at a lower price. For example, Splashtop gives you remote access to mobile device screens and mobile to mobile access from Android to computers and live viewing iOS and Android screens.

Plus, when you purchase Splashtop, your price is locked in. You won’t need to worry about increased renewal costs. Just recently, RescueAssist raised the prices of their packages, more than tripling the renewal cost for many customers. Get the same top features at a better value with Splashtop.

See our full Splashtop vs RescueAssist comparison.

Splashtop vs. LogMeIn Central

LogMeIn Central is a popular solution for remote access and user management. Users often complain of large yearly price increases and look for alternatives. LogMeIn Central’s Base Plan has the same top features as Splashtop Remote Support Plus. However, Splashtop costs anywhere from 70% to 80% less than LogMeIn (depending on how many computers are in your package. Splashtop Remote Support Premium includes additional monitoring and management features that you would need to purchase three add-ons with LogMeIn Central to get. That would cost you thousands of more dollars a year if you chose LogMeIn.

If you need a remote access tool for supporting, accessing, and managing anywhere from 25 to over 1,000 computers, then Splashtop Remote Support is the best software solution for you. You’ll have anytime unattended access to your computers, the top features, robust security, and a much lower price with Splashtop.

See our full Splashtop vs LogMeIn Central comparison.

Splashtop vs. GoToMyPC

GoToMyPC from LogMeIn is a popular remote access solution to access your Mac or PC from anywhere. Splashtop Business Access is available at a much lower price, less than half the cost of GoToMyPC and includes features that aren’t available in the base level GoToMyPC edition. In fact, you’ll save at least 75% a year when you choose Splashtop instead of GoToMyPC.

Remotely control your Windows and Mac computers with ease and save your budget by choosing Splashtop Business Access. With the most reliable remote connectivity platform, you won’t be disappointed. Work from home or anywhere in the world, on any of your devices. Splashtop Business Access makes it easier than ever to connect to other computers remotely. And you’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars a year when compared to GoToMyPC.

See our full Splashtop vs GoToMyPC comparison.

Splashtop vs. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn Pro is one of the first names you may think of when it comes to remote access for business use but it’s very expensive. Save $189-$1,039 per year (depending on the number of computers you need to access) when you choose Splashtop Business Access instead.

Splashtop Business Access is the best performing and best value remote access software. With it, you will enjoy high definition remote desktop connections, easy access, top features, and full control over your remote computers. It is cross device and works across multiple operating systems (Windows, Mac, iOS & Android). Plus, you can even use a Chrome web browser on the host computer to initiate a remote session.

See of full Splashtop vs LogMeIn Pro comparison.

Splashtop vs. RemotePC

RemotePC is a software product for remote accessing computers. Splashtop Business Access gives you the same remote access capabilities to Windows and Mac computer, but with far more features and at a lower annual price.

Splashtop Business Access Pro gives you several top features not included in the RemotePC Team package, despite the Splashtop solution costing 80% less. Features include sharing your desktop via web link (screen sharing), remote reboot, two users remote accessing the same computer, and several user/computer management features.

See our full Splashtop vs RemotePC comparison.

Splashtop vs. AnyDesk

AnyDesk lets you remote access computers. It’s primary function is attended remote access (needs an end user present on the remote device), but can be used for unattended access as well. Splashtop SOS can also be used for attended and unattended access, but has a lower price than AnyDesk when comparing packages with similar features.

For example, if you have a team or multiple people who need to use your remote access software, Splashtop gives you several user/computer management and grouping features not found in the AnyDesk basic plan. To get that you’ll have to upgrade to the team package, which is more expensive than Splashtop SOS.

See our full Splashtop vs AnyDesk comparison.

Splashtop vs. BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar)

BeyondTrust (formerly Bomgar), is a remote access solution with an emphasis on security. With cloud and enterprise network based products, BeyondTrust charges a big price for security. However, Splashtop comes equipped with cutting edge security features (such as 256 bit AES encrypted connections, 2-factor authentication, and more). Splashtop also complies with several industry standards and regulations for security.

The best part is that Splashtop can save you nearly 90% a year on price when compared to BeyondTrust. You can save thousands of dollars a year and get fast remote access software with the robust security you need with Splashtop.

See our full Splashtop vs BeyondTrust comparison.

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