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Top 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Remote Support Tool

Splashtop Remote Support things to consider

Remote support software has become a vital tool for IT service management teams. The ability to support customers remotely, the moment help is needed, reduces resolution time and costs for service desks, while also making it much easier for support organizations to scale and support customers around the world.

At Splashtop, we work with service desks and IT support teams to provide them with the right on-demand support solution for their needs. Many factors go into the decision process to choose the right remote support tool. External factors such as the number of customers and what devices they’re using along with internal factors such as number of technicians, budget, and integration with existing PSA ticketing systems should all be considered.

With that said, here at the top 5 things service desks and IT support teams need to consider when choosing an on-demand remote support solution.

1. How many devices will I be able to support? Will I be able to support devices not managed through my central system?

This probably isn’t the first question you think of, but it should be. Even if you manage a set number of devices through your central system, such as an RMM platform, you should still consider getting a remote support solution that lets you provide on-demand support to additional devices.

Why? Workers are using their own devices more and more for work related activities. They’re using their tablets and smartphones for day-to-day tasks, especially when working out of the office. Recent research has shown that 87% of companies rely on their employees using personal devices to access business apps.

If you want to be able to provide on-demand support to all of your customers’ devices, then you need to get a remote support solution that will let you do that. Some tools have packages with a set maximum number of devices you can support, while other let you support an unlimited number of devices. Make sure you understand your needs and get the tool that’s right for you.

2. Which platforms does it support?

Next, you need to ensure that your solution supports the devices your team is using, and the devices your customers or end-users are using. This is especially important considering in the last section we discussed how workers are using their personal devices for work more, including tablets and smartphones.

Windows and Mac account for about 95% of the market share for desktop computers. When it comes to tablets and mobile devices, iOS and Android own nearly 99% of the market share.

Therefore, we believe it is important to get a remote support solution that supports remote access to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

3. Will it be easy to use? Will it integrate with my existing PSA ticketing solution?

When adding a new remote support solution to your stack of IT support tools, it’s important to consider how the new remote support solution will fit within your work flow. Will it be easy for both your technicians and your customers?

Several remote support products offer seamless integrations with leading PSA platforms, including Autotask, ServiceNow, and others. These integrations usually mean you can initiate a remote support session from within the PSA platform.

You should also look into how the remote support tool works. While most are generally similar, you’ll want to look into how the process works for each product you’re considering. Does it require an app to be pre-installed on the end user device? What steps does the end user need to perform to initiate a remote connection?  Can the app be custom branded?

Each remote support solution is unique in many of these regards so you’ll want to ensure you’re getting the product that will work best for both your team and your customers.

4. Is this the best value solution for my needs?

This is a very important thing to consider. Remote support product prices can vary greatly between vendors.

There are several remote support solution providers out there that offer the same top features and quality of service but are priced so differently that you could end up paying 2-3x the cost for the same basic functionality if you don’t do your research.

First, consider the pricing model of the remote support products you’re looking at. Some are based on the number of concurrent sessions, some based on number of users, and some based on the number of endpoints you need to support.

Consider your situation, such as how many technicians you have and customer endpoint count. And also consider the features that each remote support package offers, Determine which set of features are really important to your team and customers and find the packages that give you what you need. When comparing packages with like-for-like features, you’ll be surprised to find just how big the price differences between them can be.

5. Does it meet my and my clients’ security needs?

Finally, you’ll want to make sure your remote support solution keeps your clients’ and your data secure. A security breach could potentially cost you thousands or even millions of dollars. Not to mention the irreparable harm it can cause to your reputation.

Many remote support solutions offer encrypted connections, device authentication, and other important features that help keep information secure during remote sessions. Look into the security features offered by each remote support tool to ensure you’re getting a trustworthy solution.

Plus, workers in many industries are required to follow certain government or industry regulations such as HIPAA or GDPR. Ask the remote support solution providers about their compliance to these industry standards to ensure you’re meeting your customers’ needs when it comes to security.


Having an on-demand remote support solution is vital to the success of service desks and IT support teams. When you’re in the market for a remote support tool, make sure you do your due diligence and find the best product that will satisfy you and your customers’ needs.

For on-demand remote support, there’s no better solution than Splashtop On-demand Support (SOS). With it, you can support an unlimited number of Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

If you’re looking for an unattended support tool that gives you remote access to your managed computers, servers, and workstations, check out Splashtop Remote Support.

Drag-and-Drop File Transfer Between Windows and Mac with Splashtop Remote Desktop

Unlike most remote desktop products, Splashtop’s Drag-and-Drop File Transfer works cross-platform, so you can transfer files from PC to Mac and vice versa.

Drag and Drop Cross Platform

With Splashtop, you can quickly and securely transfer files (including large files) between computers, no USB needed. Splashtop’s core business solutions (Business Access, Remote Support, and SOS) give you the ability to remotely access computers from any other computer from anywhere in the world. With each of these products, you can transfer files between the local computer and the remote computer and vice versa.

Splashtop’s latest update introduced Drag-and-Drop File Transfer to each of the core business products listed above. With this new feature, you can simply select the file(s) you want transferred, drag it from its original desktop, and drop it into the other desktop to transfer it to that computer!

Plus, with Splashtop you can perform Drag-and-Drop File Transfer between Mac and Windows computers. Most remote access products only let you transfer files between computers running on the same operating system.

Want to try out Drag-and-Drop File Transfer in Splashtop? When you start a free trial of Splashtop Business Access, Remote Support, or SOS, you get full access to the product of your choice for 7 days and can test it out as much as you’d like.

You can get started with Splashtop Business Access (for individuals who want to access their computers remotely) by clicking the button below. No credit cards and no commitments required to start our free trials. And keep reading below to see Drag-and-Drop File Transfer with Splashtop in action.

How to perform Drag-and-Drop File Transfer from one computer to another

Again, with Splashtop’s Drag-and-Drop feature you can:

  • Transfer files from PC to PC (Windows)
  • Transfer files from Mac to Mac
  • Transfer files from Mac to PC (Windows) and vice versa

To get started, you’ll need to open the Splashtop Business app on your local computer, and remote into the computer you want to access and transfer files to/from. Once connected, you can select the file(s) that you want to transfer to the other computer. From there, it’s as simple as dragging it to the other computer and dropping it to save it there.

In the example below, the Mac computer is the local computer and the remote computer is the Windows computer. You can see the mouse dragging a folder from the Windows (remote) computer and dropping it onto the Mac (local) computer, where it is then saved to the Mac and can be seen on the desktop.

In addition to Drag-and-Drop, you can use the File Manager to transfer files between computers, or Copy-Paste the file(s) from one computer to the other on Windows computers. You can also transfer files while not in a remote access session.

About Splashtop Remote Desktop Solutions

Splashtop provides the best value remote desktop solutions, with the top tools and features you need. Check out any of the solutions below and don’t forget to start your free trial:

  • Splashtop Business Access: for individuals and small teams who want remote access to their own computers.
  • Splashtop Remote Support: for MSPs and IT teams who want unattended remote access to their users’ computers to provide remote support.
  • Splashtop SOS: for IT, Support, and Helpdesk teams who need an attended access solution to provide on-demand remote support to their users’ devices.

Want to use Drag-and-Drop File Transfer right now? Get started with Business Access by clicking the button below.

No credit cards or commitments required to start your free trial.

LogMeIn Central Basic Package Discontinued

As of December 2018, LogMeIn Central Basic is no more. The new LogMeIn Central Base Plan’s starting price is nearly 40% more expensive than the old Basic package. Don’t pay more, get the same top features and save over 70% when you choose Splashtop instead.

Get Splashtop

LogMeIn Central basic discontinued

If you’re wondering, “What happened to LogMeIn Central Basic?”, then you’re not alone. LogMeIn has just scrapped their old Central packages in favor of a “Base Plan” with optional add-ons available for purchase. The new Base Plan starts at $960/year, while the old Basic package started at $599/year. That’s nearly a 40% increase in cost.

Alternatives: Feature & Cost Comparison

If you want to get the same features as the old Basic package, you have to get the new Base Plan. You could switch to the LogMeIn Central Base Plan and pay more, or you can choose Splashtop Remote Support Plus which has all the same top features and costs 70% to 80% less than LogMeIn.

With Splashtop, you could be saving thousands of dollars a year. Here’s a look at what you would pay annually for the LogMeIn Central Base Plan compared to Splashtop Remote Support Plus:


Number of Computers Splashtop Remote Support Plus LogMeIn Central Base Plan
25 $299 $960
50 $399 $1,236
100 $549 $1,668
250 $829 $3,480


No matter how many computers you need to manage, Splashtop Remote Support Plus gives you the best value.

Like we mentioned above, Splashtop Remote Support Plus users also get all the same top features found in the new LogMeIn Central Base Plan. Here’s a list of some of the features included in Splashtop Remote Support Plus:


  • Unattended remote access
  • No installation attended (ad hoc) access
  • Unlimited technicians
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Windows, Mac, iOS, & Android support
  • File transfer
  • Chat (in & out of session)
  • Remote print
  • Multi monitor support
  • Remote wake
  • Remote reboot
  • Blank screen
  • Share technician desktop
  • Audio
  • Two technicians can remote into the same machine
  • Logging
  • Computer and user grouping
  • Group permissions
  • User management
  • Free secondary users
  • Resell remote access
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Device authentication
  • and many more..


With fast remote access, an easy to use interface, top features, and a better price, Splashtop Remote Support Plus is the ideal solution for current LogMeIn Central Basic subscribers. Don’t pay more for the Base Plan, save your budget and get everything you need with Splashtop.

You can try Splashtop Remote Support Plus for free with our 7-day free trial. No credit card or commitments required. Click the button below to get started.

As a small IT service provider, my focus is on my clients’ needs. And that includes being able to provide an instant response remotely if I cannot be in site. Like many other IT professionals, I was blindsided by the LogMeIn pricing bombshell which has left me and my clients scrambling for an alternative to that, now overpriced, solution. After making do on a temporary basis with other products’ free solutions, I have finally come home to Splashtop.

In addition to being easily deployed and scaled, Splashtop gives me excellent performance even over sketchy connections. Not only is this product  a great value, I can easily resell remote access to my business and consumer clients, giving my business a nice recurring profit center with no additional cost to me. I will sleep better at night knowing I’ll be able give my clients great support the next day!

-Micah Barham, Barham Technologies

Managing Windows Updates with Splashtop Remote Support Premium

IT professionals and MSPs know that it’s important to keep users’ computers up-to-date with Windows updates for security and compatibility reasons. Companies often use Windows update policies to ensure that updates are installed.

How can you be sure that all of your managed computers, on different versions of Windows, are up-to-date with important Windows updates?

Use the alerts and update management features in Splashtop Remote Support Premium to make sure your Windows computers, from Windows XP to Windows 10, are up-to-date and secure.

If you would like to try the features and steps below, you can start a free trial of Remote Support Premium.

Monitor Windows Update Status

With Splashtop Remote Support Premium, you can ensure that your managed computers’ Windows versions are up to date. You can:

  • Monitor the status of Windows update policy per computer and be alerted to possible issues such as when the “Microsoft Update” option is not selected or the “Important updates” setting is switched to any specific option (Install updates automatically, Download updates but let me choose when to install them, or Check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them).
  • Monitor the status of available updates and be alerted when a pending update is detected. You can choose to be alerted to only pending Important updates, optional updates, or both.

These alerts can be set as part of an alert profile and applied to individual computers or groups of computers.

Windows Update Alerts

Check for and apply Windows updates for managed computers

With Splashtop Remote Support Premium you can remotely check the Windows Update status on your managed computers and manage updates by selecting the “Check for Updates” context menu item on any computer on the list in your management dashboard (without having to remote into the computer as a user).

Check Windows Update Status

Windows Update information displayed on the Updates page includes:

  • Last update
  • Current status
  • Update policy
  • Ability to check for updates
  • List of available updates
  • Options for restart after updates are installed (where applicable)
  • Set a notification if update install fails to complete

This is a great way to see the status of updates on an individual computer, select which updates are installed, and manage some additional options around the updates to ensure the best user experience and be sure that the updates do get installed.

The screenshot below shows what it looks like for an example computer.

Windows Update Properties

This video shows how to access the Windows Updates feature in Splashtop Remote Support Premium

Like what you see?

If you already have Remote Support Premium then give it a try now. Go to the Computers tab in your my.splashtop console at to get started.

If you don’t have Remote Support Premium yet, you can try it free with no credit card required or buy it at a great price.

Splashtop Remote Support Quick Overview Video

Splashtop Remote Support is a great solution for MSPs (managed service providers) and IT teams who need unattended remote access to Windows and Mac computers.

Learn about Splashtop Remote Support in this quick video overview

Click here to learn more about Splashtop Remote Support or click the the buttons below to start a free trial or to see the low prices that are up to 50% less than the competition.

Splashtop Remote Support features include:

  • Unlimited technicians
  • Unlimited concurrent sessions
  • Fast remote access
  • Unattended support
  • Free secondary user accounts
  • Resell remote access
  • Logging
  • Computer and User grouping
  • Group permissions
  • User management
  • 256-bit AES encryption
  • Two-step verification
  • Two-step verification
  • File transfer
  • Remote print
  • Chat
  • Remote wake
  • Remote reboot
  • Audio
  • Multi monitor support, including multi-to-multi
  • Two technicians can remote into one machine
  • Attended support
  • Access RDP Sessions
  • Priority technical support

Remote Support Premium includes these additional features:

  • Configurable Alerts/Actions
  • Windows Updates
  • System Inventory
  • Event Logs
  • Remote Command

Learn more about Remote Support Premium

See the Remote Support web page for the full details of features by edition.

Best LogMeIn Rescue Alternative for 2019

Need a better alternative to LogMeIn Rescue? Splashtop offers better pricing, faster performance, and the top features needed in an attended remote support solution.


LogMeIn Rescue alternative 2019

LogMeIn Rescue is a remote support product that enables you to provide attended support to your customers. Attended means that the end-user is actively using the device at the time they are receiving support. Attended remote support products are used by IT support and helpdesk teams to remote into a customer’s device the moment they request it, allowing the technician to view the device screen and control it remotely to troubleshoot and fix the issue.

For years LogMeIn has continually raised the price of their Rescue product, forcing customers to pay more than what they had paid the previous year to renew their subscription.  This has sent waves of LogMeIn Rescue customers looking for alternatives that can enable them to perform attended remote support but at a better price.

Based on features, functionality, and pricing, Splashtop On-Demand Support (SOS) is the best alternative to LogMeIn Rescue. In fact, thousands of LogMeIn Rescue customers switch to Splashtop each year, making Splashtop one of the most popular choices for former Rescue customers. When you compare the two products, it’s not hard to see why.

Similar to LogMeIn Rescue, Splashtop SOS is remote support software solution designed to help IT support and helpdesk teams provide attended remote support to their customers. However, Splashtop pulls away as the better choice thanks to faster connections, having the same top features, and of course, having a much lower price.

Here’s a comparison of Splashtop SOS versus LogMeIn Rescue and why Splashtop is the better choice.

Why Splashtop SOS is This Year’s Best LogMeIn Rescue Alternative For You

You’ll Pay Less

LogMeIn Rescue customers can save more than 50% of the cost when they switch to Splashtop SOS. In some cases, you could save up to 88% when you switch from LogMeIn Rescue to Splashtop SOS. You are guaranteed big savings when you choose Splashtop over LogMeIn.

Both LogMeIn Rescue and Splashtop SOS are priced by concurrent technician. Today, LogMeIn Rescue costs $1,299/year per concurrent technician. Splashtop SOS starts at $199/year per concurrent technician.

LogMeIn Rescue becomes even more expensive if you want to be able to provide attended support to mobile devices. That costs an extra $450/year with LogMeIn Rescue. All Splashtop SOS packages include a free mobile add-on pack, meaning you can support iOS and Android devices without paying extra.

Add this up and Splashtop SOS is a better value solution.

You’ll Get The Top Features, Plus More

Despite having a much lower price, Splashtop SOS comes equipped with the same top features found in LogMeIn Rescue. Tools and features such as connecting to a remote device with a session code, chat, file transfer, technician screen sharing, multi-monitor navigation, session logging, custom branding, and broad device support are included in all Splashtop SOS packages.

With the SOS+10 and SOS Unlimited packages, you will also have unattended access to your client’s computers. These packages are priced at $219 and $319 (respectively) a year per concurrent technician, which still puts each package at a much lower than price when compared to LogMeIn Rescue.

Performance wise, Splashtop SOS is powered by Splashtop’s award-winning remote access engine, meaning you’ll be able to connect and control your end-users’ Widnows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices with ease. Splashtop’s fast connections give you real-time access with high definition quality.

Finally, if you want to be sure that Splashtop is secure, you can rest assured knowing that all connections are protected with 256-bit AES and TLS encryption. You can learn more about Splashtop complies with several industry standards and regulations including HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, and SOC 2.

You can learn more about how Splashtop SOS works in the video below:

You Won’t Have To Deal With Price Increases

LogMeIn has been known to raise the prices of their products, forcing customers to pay significantly more to renew each year.

On the other hand, when you become a Splashtop customer, your price is locked in. You’ll pay the same price every year when your renewal comes up.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting is the work to set up a remote support infrastructure, only to have your renewal cost significantly increased out of nowhere and not having the budget to keep up. Save yourself the frustration and switch to Splashtop.

Splashtop SOS vs. LogMeIn Rescue 2019 Product Comparison

Read our full Splashtop vs. LogMeIn Rescue comparison.

Splashtop SOS is the 2018 Best Alternative to LogMeIn Rescue. Every day, several former LogMeIn Rescue customers switch to Splashtop SOS and never look back.

Hers’s a recap of the benefits of switching from LogMeIn Rescue to Splashtop SOS.

  • You’ll save up to 88% on your price when compared to LogMeIn Rescue!
  • You’ll get a high performance attended remote support solution with all the tools and features you need.
  • Your price will be locked in. You will never again have to fear forced upgrades and price increases by choosing Splashtop.

Want to try out Splashtop SOS? You can start a 7-day free trial now and find out for yourself why former LogMeIn Rescue customers choose Splashtop.

Splashtop SOS


What Customers Said After Switching From LogMeIn Rescue to Splashtop

We’ve heard back from many former LogMeIn Rescue customers who switched to SOS with great results. Here’s one quote we recently received from a satisfied SOS user.

“Having used others; LogMeIn, TeamViewer, etc.; I have found Splashtop to be the fastest and most reliable. The people being supported also find the support software some of the easiest to use and it just works.”

– Michael Tott, Fore Computers

Pricing, functionality, features, and ease of use for both the technicians and the end-users are the most commonly cited benefits that SOS gets praise for by our customers.

Try Splashtop Free!

Interested in trying Splashtop SOS? Start your free trial today.

Splashtop SOS

For MSPs, helpdesk, and service providers to provide attended/ad hoc support to clients.


Best LogMeIn Central Alternative for 2018

Need a better alternative to LogMeIn Central? Splashtop offers better pricing, faster performance, and the top features needed in a remote support solution.

Logmein Central alternative 2018

Read our updated LogMeIn Central Alternative 2019 post that covers the new pricing here.

LogMeIn Central is a product that lets IT and support teams remotely access and provide support to all computers under their responsibility. Lately, thousands of LogMeIn Central customers have been looking for the best alternative to LogMeIn Central due to their huge price hikes over the past few years. There are several LogMeIn Central alternatives on the market today, but Splashtop Remote Support is consistently ranked as the best alternative based on price, performance, and features.

In fact, LogMeIn Central’s pricing is so high that customers who switch to Splashtop save anywhere from 70% to 80%. Since 2015, LogMeIn has continually raised the price of their Central product. The price increases didn’t just affect new customers either. Existing customers had to pay the new prices if they wanted to renew their subscription.

LogMeIn Central isn’t the only remote support tool available. There are many LogMeIn alternatives out there. If you’re looking for one that will provide the same top features that LogMeIn Central has, with fast connections, and without the high price, Splashtop Remote Support is the solution you’re looking for.

Here’s a comparison of Splashtop Remote Support versus LogMeIn Central and why Splashtop is the best alternative.

Why Splashtop is This Year’s Best LogMeIn Central Alternative For You

You’ll Pay Less

LogMeIn Central costs more than double what it did in 2015. That’s over a 100% price increase in just three years. LogMeIn Central’s Base Plan starts at $960/year for just 25 computers.  To get additional features found in their three add-ons, you’d have to pay an extra $540/year to $564/year each add-on for just 25 computers. The more computers you need to manage, the higher those prices go.

Splashtop Remote Support has always been fairly priced. Plus, since Splashtop doesn’t raise their prices every year like LogMeIn has, Splashtop Remote Support is significantly lower priced than LogMeIn Central does today.

Splashtop Remote Support Plus has all the same top features found in the LogMeIn Central Base Plan. Splashtop Remote Support Plus starts at $299/year for 25 computers. That’s about 70% less than what you’d pay for LogMeIn.

It doesn’t matter which package you compare or how many computers you need to support. In every case, Splashtop is lower priced than LogMeIn. As a matter of fact, Splashtop is much, much lower in price than LogMeIn.

You Can Access More Computers and Get the Top Features

When comparing Splashtop Remote Support against LogMeIn Central, lower price does not translate to worse performance or less features. Splashtop Remote Support’s award-winning engine powers fast connections in real-time with HD quality and sound. You won’t have to worry about slow connection times or lag with Splashtop.

As far as features go, Splashtop not only offers the same top features that LogMeIn Central does, with certain packages you’ll get even more with Splashtop.

Splashtop Remote Support Plus includes the top features found in LogMeIn Central Base Plan, such as file transferring, remote printing, and blank screen. However, one big advantage for Splashtop Remote Support is that the Plus package also gives you the ability to provide no-install attended (ad-hoc) support. LogMeIn Central does not offer that feature.

Splashtop Remote Support Premium gives even more additional features such as configurable alerts/actions, Windows updates, system inventory, event logs, and remote command. To get all those features with LogMeIn Central, you’d have to purchase all three additional add-ons. That would make your starting price $2,628/year for 25 computers, compared to Splashtop Remote Support Premium starting at $479/year for 25 computers.

Finally, if you want to be sure that Splashtop is secure, you can rest assured knowing that all connections are protected with 256-bit AES and TLS encryption. Plus, Splashtop is compliant with HIPAA, GDPR, PCI, SOC 2, and other industry standards and regulations.

You Won’t Suffer From Price Increases.

As LogMeIn Central customers have learned the hard way, pricing can change over time. In LogMeIn’s case, pricing has gone up tremendously in the past few years.

On the other hand, Splashtop has not increased their prices. Plus, when you purchase Splashtop Remote Support, your price is locked in, meaning you’ll never be forced to upgrade.

There is nothing more frustrating than putting the work to set up a remote support infrastructure only to have your renewal cost doubled out of nowhere and not having the budget to keep up. Save yourself the frustration and switch to Splashtop.

Splashtop Remote Support vs. LogMeIn Central 2018 Product Comparison

To see our full Splashtop vs. LogMeIn Central comparison, click here.

Splashtop Remote Support is the 2018 Best Alternative to LogMeIn Central. That’s why thousands of former LogMeIn Central customers have already switched to Splashtop and have never looked back.

Again, here are the benefits of switching from LogMeIn Central to Splashtop.

  • You’ll save up to 80% on your price!
  • You’ll get a high performance remote support solution with all the tools and features you need.
  • Your price will be locked in. You will never again have to fear forced upgrades and price increases by choosing Splashtop.

Sound too good to be true? You can start a 7-day free trial of Splashtop Remote Support now to see for yourself.

Splashtop Remote Support


What Customers Said After Switching From LogMeIn Central to Splashtop

We’ve heard from many customers who are thrilled by their decision to dump LogMeIn Central and switch to Splashtop. Here’s a recent quote we’ve received:

“Like many other IT professionals, I was blindsided by the LogMeIn pricing bombshell which has left me and my clients scrambling for an alternative to that, now overpriced, solution. After making do on a temporary basis with other products’ free solutions, I have finally come home to Splashtop. In addition to being easily deployed and scaled, Splashtop gives me excellent performance even over sketchy connections.”

— Micah Barham, Barham Technologies

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Splashtop Remote Support

For IT and support teams who want to provide remote access to their clients’ computers

Remote Support Tools for MSPs

Tools such as a remote support solution will help you provide top quality service to your customers, improve your work efficiency, and cut costs.

Essential tools for MSPs - Splashtop remote support

Your customers demand the best service from you. After all, as an MSP they expect you to keep their IT infrastructure running smoothly. If a problem arises, they’ll expect you to fix it immediately.

There are several tools and services that MSPs can use to help meet these customer expectations. Many have been shown to help MSP technicians work more efficiently and keep customer satisfaction high.

While there are several solutions an MSP could use, in this article we’re going to look at the two remote support tools we see as the most essential for a MSP:

  • Remote Access
  • Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM)

Remote Access

Remote access allows you to connect to a customer’s computer remotely. Once connected, you can view the screen of that device and take control. Remote support solutions are remote access products that include features aimed at helping IT technicians perform support remotely. These features include file transferring, update management, activity logs, and others.

If you’re still providing support to your computers in-person, you’re falling behind your competitors. Most MSPs provide support remotely, and looking at the benefits, it’s not hard to see why.

Remote support capabilities mean you don’t have to travel to your client’s site when troubleshooting their devices. You can remote in from wherever you are. This cuts down on travel costs while eliminating the time it takes to resolve an issue.

There are many remote support solutions. As an MSP, you need to find the one that offers the features you need, performs at the level you expect, and doesn’t cost you a fortune.

Based on that, we firmly believe that Splashtop Remote Support is the best remote support solution and an essential tool for any MSP.

Why is Splashtop Remote Support an Essential Tool for MSPs?

  • High Performance Remote Access. Splashtop’s engine is one of the fastest, with real time connections and HD quality and sound.
  • Provide Unattended Support. Remotely access and support your customers’ devices even without an end-user present.
  • Provide Ad-hoc/Attended Support. Splashtop Remote Support Plus lets you provide on-demand support and connect to the customer’s computer within seconds of receiving a request.
  • Easy Deployment. Create a deployment package and send it to all the devices you want to support. Once installed, you’ll be able to access those devices any time.
  • Best Price. Other remote support options cost a fortune, and some also hike their prices significantly year over year. Splashtop gives you the best price without the yearly price increases.
  • Provide and/or Resell Remote Access. Splashtop Remote Support lets you grant remote access privileges to your customers so they can access their computers remotely. Resell remote access to add another offering to your services.
  • Tools and Features That Make Remote Support Easy. You can remote into your customers’ computers for any other device. Once connected, you can transfer files, print remotely, remote wake, and chat. You can also keep all users and computers organized into groups and manage their access permissions.
  • Premium Features. Splashtop Remote Support Premium includes additional tools and features for MSPs, including configurable alerts, Windows updates, event logs,remote command, system inventory, and more.

Splashtop Remote Support has been chosen by hundreds of MSPs. Many point out the quality of the remote connections as well as the low cost when comparing to other products.


Other than remote access, perhaps the other most essential tool for MSPs is a Remote Management and Monitoring (RMM) solution.

RMMs help you manage all devices and servers that you support. RMMs will monitor the activity and status of the devices you support. This helps MSPs stay proactive about supporting customer devices.

There are many RMM solutions available, and each offer a wide range of features. Some even include remote access features. In fact, several RMM solutions have partnered with Splashtop to include our powerful remote support tools to their packages, including:

  • Datto
  • Naverisk
  • Atera
  • Ninja
  • Ivanti

Other than remote access, RMMs are great for tracking the network and device security, automating tasks, creating activity reports, automating alerts and tickets.


Your customer trusts you with their IT infrastructure. You need to make sure you have the tools in place to 1) keep your customers’ devices and networks running smooth, and 2) provide support as soon as an issue arises.

Having a tool like Splashtop Remote Support will ensure you can support your customers’ computers and servers at any time, from anywhere. You can try Splashtop Remote Support’s free 7-day trial now.

How to Install the Splashtop SOS Plug-In for Spiceworks Help Desk

If you are looking for an easy way to provide on-demand support from within Spiceworks Help Desk, Splashtop SOS and the Splashtop SOS Plug-in for Spiceworks is a great way to do it.

What is Splashtop SOS?

With Splashtop SOS, you can provide quick attended support to your end users on their computers (Windows or Mac) or mobile devices (iOS or Android). The end user downloads and runs a simple app and gives you the 9-digit code from their screen. You enter it in your Splashtop app and you can remotely access and view their devices. You can also remotely control their Windows or Mac computer and many Android devices.

You can do all of the steps below and try it out with a free trial of Splashtop SOS or use a purchased license. Compare SOS to the competition and you’ll find it’s the most cost effective way to provide remote support for computers and mobile devices.

How do I install the Splashtop SOS Plug-In for Spiceworks Help Desk?

First, make sure you have Spiceworks Help Desk. If you don’t, you can get it for free.

Once you have that installed and running, click here to go directly to the plug-in page:

Or, when you are logged into Spiceworks Help Desk, select “App Center” from the main drop-down menu.

Spiceworks Help Desk App Center

Then search for the Splashtop SOS Plug-In.

Splashtop SOS Spiceworks Plug-In

Click the “Install” button to install it.

What if I get an error?

If you see the error “We can’t see your Spiceworks Desktop and this will prevent you from installing this plugin. Login to your Spiceworks Desktop app and go to Apps > App Center to get connected and then come right back to get this plugin.”, there are a couple things you can try to resolve it.

  1. If you are using the Chrome browser, try another browser like Internet Explorer
  2. Contact Spiceworks Support and they can run you through some other troubleshooting steps to help make sure you can install plug-ins

If you end up installing the plug-in with a different browser, don’t worry. The plug-in will show up and work fine in Chrome after you get it installed.


How do I know if the SOS Plug-In for Spiceworks has been successfully installed?

You will see a listing in the Spiceworks “Manage Apps” screen for Splashtop SOS.

SOS in Spiceworks Manage Apps

You will see these two items (circled in red below) at the top of your tickets.

Start SOS Session from Spiceworks

Our next article will go into more detail on starting a remote support session.

Get started now

If you’re looking for a great combination of a help desk system and remote support solution, you get started with it all for free with a few simple downloads and the instructions on this page.


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Splashtop SOS is remote support made simple. Connect to your user’s Mac, Windows, iOS, and Android device the moment it’s needed with a simple session code. Once connected, you can take control of the user’s device and fix the issue. Splashtop’s powerful platform ensures fast connections in real time, so you can easily solve the problem at hand and provide top quality service to your user.

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