Now, you can co-browse any website with friends, colleagues, or customers from your iPad! For example, you can access documents on Dropbox or Office365 from the browser, or open a salesforce report and instantly collaborate with anyone. Invite a friend or customer to co-browse with you by sending them a link. A visual indicator overlay allows you and your friends to point out items of interest on any webpage content.

IT can remotely support users with webapp issues. Trainers can share webapp content to train and update users.

Real-time Webapp Collaboration

Shop Online With Friends, Together!

Remote Support or Training

It’s easy to get started:


From your iPad, purchase and download the Splashtop Collaborative Browser from the appstore.
You can now share and collaborate on any content in the browser with all your friends and colleagues.

Invite Others

You can send an invitation to collaborate via email, text message, Twitter, and Facebook or provide a meeting code to anyone with the collaborative browser viewer already installed.


Share your browser content in real time with one or many friends and colleagues. A helpful color indicator is assigned to each user for “highlighting” items of interest.