Physicians, nurses, administrative employees and healthcare sales reps use Splashtop to maximize productivity and maintain security. Professionals can now use healthcare remote access solutions to access patient records, images, files within their E.H.R. system while moving from exam room to office to various departments.

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Innovative Uses for Splashtop within the Healthcare Industry Include:

  • Patients can view and update their standard patient and insurance information on an iPad; integrates into their E.H.R. system. Avoids paperwork and human error.
  • Teaching hospitals can enable medical students to view real time surgical procedures remotely on their iPads to enhance learning.
  • Teaching hospitals can simulate surgeries with 3-D graphics and can enable students to “perform a procedure” virtually.
  • Biotech companies enable lab techs to securely access their research – related apps and data from iPads while working in different labs.

Benefits Include:

  • Protects sensitive data with encryption and policy control. Learn more on How Splashtop Helps Support HIPAA Compliance.
  • Enables IT to maintain complete control of who is using which devices and to access what computers and data, when.
  • Management Console enables immediate response – if a device is lost or stolen, IT can disable it instantly
  • Securely view desktops and share files, database and medical applications to speed processes along even while working remotely.

See for yourself why Splashtop is the top performing, highly rated remote desktop and application access solution. It’s so easy to set up, you’ll be up and running within 30 – 60 minutes!

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