Bill Demas, president & CEO of Turn
Bill is the president of Turn, a leading online ad network. He was CEO of Moka5, SVP of Yahoo! Publisher Network and held executive positions at Vividence and Microsoft.
David Riemer, former VP of marketing at Yahoo!
David led Yahoo! marketing between 2002 and 2008.
Ed Yang, former VP and CTO of HP
Ed is a former VP and CTO of HP Personal Systems Group, with a 25+ year track record at HP.
Gokul Rajaram, former product lead for Google AdSense; now Ad Architect at Facebook
Jason is the CEO of Acer; ex-VP of sales & marketing at TSMC, and ex-VP of worldwide sales & marketing at Intel.
Jerry Shen, CEO of ASUS
Jerry is the CEO of ASUS. Before joining ASUS, he spent ten years in senior research and development positions at computer companies and IT research institutions.
John Hui, founder of eMachines (Gateway)
John is the founder of eMachines (now part of Gateway) and owned Packard Bell until its sale to Gateway – Acer.
Kai Huang, founder and GM of Guitar Hero (RedOctane)
Kai was founder and GM of Guitar Hero (RedOctane), which was acquired by Activision Blizzard.
Larry Augustin, CEO of SugarCRM; former CEO of VA Linux
Larry is CEO of SugarCRM. He was founder and CEO of VA Linux, and launched and led through an IPO.
Lee Ting, board director of Lenovo
Lee is a director of Lenovo and managing director of WR Hambrecht + Co. He is a former VP and a 30 plus year veteran of HP.
Richard Chen, VP of Gigabyte
Richard is a VP of R&D at Gigabyte and has 12 plus years of BIOS experience at Phoenix / Award.
Salman Ullah, founding partner of Merus Capital
Prior to founding Merus Capital, Salman was responsible for corporate development at Google, including acquisitions of YouTube and DoubleClick.
Samuelson Young, Silver Lake Partners, Special Advisor; former VP of IBM
Samuelson is the Silver Lake Partners China Advisor. He has 30 plus years of technology experience with IBM, ultimately as the VP of IBM Asia.
Mark Kuo, former Microsoft executive
Mark was an executive at Microsoft, responsible for licensing and monetization strategy for the enterprise and online software groups with prior roles in international investments and M&A.
Timothy Chen, VP of Business Development & Strategy, VIA Technologies
Timothy is a VP of Business Development & Strategy at VIA Technologies.
Vish Makhijani, President & COO of Udacity; ex-SVP of Zynga, ex-CEO of Yandex Labs, ex-SVP Yahoo
Vish is President of Udacity. Prior to Udacity, Vish was exec at Zynga, Yandex, and Yahoo.
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