Looking for a better alternative to LogMeIn Pro or LogMeIn Central? Try Splashtop!

Thousands of businesses, MSPs, and individuals have already switched from LogMeIn to Splashtop, and it’s not hard to see why:

  • Splashtop performs better than LogMeIn, giving you faster connections.
  • Splashtop has the same features as LogMeIn, so you can complete your tasks with ease.
  • Splashtop costs less than LogMeIn, and doesn’t raise your prices yearly

More than 20 million users worldwide use Splashtop for over 500 million remote sessions and counting. Try it free and find out why so many others before you have made the switch to Splashtop and never looked back.

  • Alternative to LogMeIn Central

  • Splashtop Remote Support

  • Provide unattended remote support to your computers over faster and more reliable connections, from any device. Add attended/ad-hoc remote support to your package so you can provide on-demand support to any device. No installation needed. Resell remote access to your customers so they can access their computers remotely.
  • Starting at $25/month
  • Save up to 80% vs LogMeIn Central!
    • High PerformanceHigh Performance
    • Any DeviceAccess from any Device
    • ChatChat
    • Remote PrintRemote Print
    • File TransferFile Transfer
    • Remote WakeRemote Wake
    • Easy DeploymentEasy Deployment
    • Robust SecurityRobust Security
    • User ManagementUser Management
  • See our full Splashtop Remote Support vs LogMeIn Central comparison

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What People Say when Switching from LogMeIn to Splashtop

Splashtop Customer Quote
Splashtop Customer Quote

“I replaced LogMeIn Pro with this to remote into on and offsite PCs. It allows file transfer just like LMI had so I have all the same functions but at a lesser price and I think a better interface”

– Mike Bursack

“I was formerly a LogMeIn user…and they recently raised their prices to crazy levels, forcing me to seek alternatives. I had never heard of your company, but a simple google search brought me to your site…and I am thrilled…both with the simple user interface, reliability and the reasonable price for the service.”

– Jonathan Stone. Stone Consulting Group

“Like many other IT professionals, I was blindsided by the LogMeIn pricing bombshell which has left me and my clients scrambling for an alternative to that, now overpriced, solution. After making do on a temporary basis with other products’ free solutions, I have finally come home to Splashtop. In addition to being easily deployed and scaled, Splashtop gives me excellent performance even over sketchy connections.”

— Micah Barham, Barham Technologies

“The best. No question. I’ve used many. I use this for remote work presentations and haven’t found a better solution from GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, native RDC, or others.”

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