Naverisk Users, Enable your Clients to Work Remotely with Splashtop Remote Support

Naverisk users are leveraging the Splashtop integration to enable business continuity for their clients by setting them up to remotely access their work computers.

During these uncertain times, companies have mobilized their disaster recovery plans and are requesting employees to work from home, to keep them and their families safe. As a remote access and remote support tool, Splashtop is in a unique position to help MSPs provide remote access to their clients, enabling them to work from home.

Enable your clients to work remotely with Splashtop Remote Support

As your clients set up their remote work plan, with Splashtop Remote Support, you can provide them with remote access to their own computers, which are managed by you. Here’s how:

  1. Purchase Splashtop Remote Support starting at $25 per month, and get unlimited concurrent users for your managed computers.
  2. Set up accounts for your technicians as well as your clients at no additional cost.
  3. You can give your clients access to just their own machines, so that they can remotely access their office computers from home.

For Naverisk users

  • You can easily extend your service offering by providing secure remote access to your clients.
  • You can do so without installing any additional software, by leveraging the streamer that’s already installed as part of the Naverisk agent.
  • You and your client can launch the Splashtop Business app on any computer or mobile device and access the computers.

Resell remote access with RMM-Naverisk

Detailed instructions on how you can go about it are available on our Naverisk support page.

About Splashtop Remote Support

It’s the leading solution for MSPs to provide remote support to their clients. Subscription is based on the number of end-points managed and allows unlimited users. In-session features include file transfer, chat, remote print, remote wake, remote reboot, session recording and much more. It also provides attended access for you to be able to support computers not managed by you.

Generate a new revenue stream with Splashtop Remote Support today!