VPN a Nightmare? Fed-up with RDP? Try Splashtop instead.

Looking to enable remote access to Windows computers, and considering RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop
Connection) over a VPN? This may seem like an easy or inexpensive choice but organizations who try to
implement it soon come to realize that this solution is difficult to set up and difficult for employees to use.
Using RDP alone outside the firewall exposes traffic to security risks – and can make host computers
vulnerable to outside attack – so VPN is required. However, using RDP / VPN from mobile devices raises a
whole new set of issues.

Splashtop offers RDP/VPN alternative solutions that greatly simplify remote access setup for IT and easy usability for

Why is Splashtop a better choice than RDP / VPN?

RDP / VPN Challenges Why to choose Splashtop instead
Many configuration steps on the host device, remote device, and network (router port forwarding) Install Splashtop agent on the host device, install the Splashtop app on your phone/tablet/PC, then it’s just one click to connect!
Lack of standard clients outside of Windows for mobile device access Splashtop apps with consistent user experience across Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, and more
Slow speed and high latency for users, high load on VPN for IT High performance, low latency, and high video quality. Just as if you were sitting in front of your remote computers!
Employees get confused with multiple apps and logins (VPN account, RDP app, remote computer) Log into the Splashtop app then it’s one click to connect
Using RDP outside the firewall without VPN is a security risk Secure, encrypted connections and streaming. TLS with 256-bit AES encryption. Multiple authentication levels available.
man in ball and chain having a RDP over VPN headache

No more mobile RDP over VPN hassles! Access your desktops and apps with Splashtop.

Splashtop is designed from the ground up to solve the mobile/BYOD problem stated above. With its industry
leading remote rendering technology running through a secure SSL (AES-256) tunnel, Splashtop allows
mobile users to access their PC and Mac desktops via their mobile devices as if they are sitting in front of their
computers or servers. You get all the benefits of RDP/VPN without the issues and complexities mentioned
above. Also, it takes only minutes to set up.

Give Splashtop a test drive.