Splashtop New Features June 2019

New versions of the Splashtop Business apps for Windows and Mac,  the corresponding Splashtop Streamers for Windows and Mac, and the my.splashtop.com web console are available as of June, 2019.

New features in 3.3.2.x include:

  • Updated Splashtop Business Apps and Streamers for Windows and Mac
    (Mac Streamer coming soon)

    • Manage computer grouping from the Splashtop Business App
    • See the user account that is currently logged in on a computer
    • French and Italian localization of the Splashtop Business App
    • FIPS mode for the Splashtop Streamer and Business App
    • Enable/Disable Direct Connection option for Splashtop Streamer
  • Scheduled Windows Updates (in Remote Support Premium)
  • Deploy and Manage Bitdefender Antivirus on Additional Platforms (in Remote Support, SOS+10, SOS Unlimited)

Unless otherwise specified, these new features are available in current subscriptions to the latest version of: Splashtop Business Access (Solo, Pro), Splashtop Remote Support (Basic, Plus, Premium), Splashtop SOS (SOS, SOS+10, SOS Unlimited). They are not included in older editions.

Update your Splashtop Business Apps and Streamers to the latest version

You can get the updated app right away by opening the Splashtop Business App and selecting “Check for Updates”.

Otherwise you will be prompted to update within a few weeks of the release of any new version.

Streamers will automatically update within a few weeks unless the computer is running a version earlier than You can manually update remote streamers via your my.splashtop.com console or from the streamer itself (more details). Keep in mind that some new features require the latest streamer.

You can also get the latest downloads for all platforms at https://www.splashtop.com/downloads.

Splashtop App and Streamer New Features

Manage Computer Grouping from the Splashtop Business app

Assign computer to a group as well as create/rename/delete groups directly from within the app.

Rename or Delete a Computer Group
To rename or delete a group, right click any group name (except the Default Group) and select the option to rename or delete.

Create a Group
To create a new group, right click anywhere in the Business App, select Create Group and type in a group name.

Splashtop App Computer Grouping 

Assign a Computer to a Different Group
To assign a computer to a different group, right click on the computer name to bring up the “Assign Group” option and then select the group you would like to assign it to. Its current group will be grayed out.


See the User Account that is Currently Logged In on a Computer

See if a user is currently logged into the computer (indicated via an icon badge on the computer).

Click into the gear icon to see the logged-in user name.

View Logged In User

French and Italian localization for Splashtop Business app

Now the Splashtop Business App is available in English, French, German, Japanese, Chinese, French and Italian


FIPS mode for Streamer and Splashtop Business App

If you need to use your computer in FIPS mode for government compliance reasons, the Splashtop Streamer and Business App have new options help support FIPS compliance. On Windows computers, you will need to follow the Windows operating system instructions to turn on FIPS encryption mode in your network settings.


Enable/Disable Direct Connection Option for Streamer

A new option has been added when creating a custom Streamer with your Splashtop account. In it’s best to leave this option checked so the Streamer can support both internet and local access to deliver the fastest performance. You may want to uncheck this box when creating streamers in situations where PCI compliance is required.

Enable Direct Connection

Scheduled Windows Updates

This feature is available in: Splashtop Remote Support Premium

Now you can schedule Windows updates (in addition to the previously available option to schedule reboots). Access the feature under Management | Scheduled Actions.

Click +Create Scheduled Action and select Scheduled Update

You can set several options when creating a Scheduled Windows Update action:

  • Select Monthly, Daily/Weekly, or One-Time frequency and set details
  • Choose to install All, Recommended, or Important updates
  • Exclude certain updates by Microsoft KB number
  • Set restart options
  • Apply the update rules to groups of computers or specific computers

Schedule Windows Updates

Deploy and Manage Bitdefender Antivirus on Additional Platforms

This feature is available in: Splashtop Remote Support, SOS+10 and SOS Unlimited

Now you can deploy and manage Bitdefender on Windows Server, Windows XP and Windows Vista machines. This is in addition to the previous support for Windows 7 through Windows 10. If the computer is running Windows XP, Vista, Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008, it must be current with the latest Windows Service Pack for that version of Windows.

The ability to deploy Bitdefender on Mac computers is expected within two weeks.

Learn more about deploying Bitdefender

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