Splashtop Remote Support – Free Secondary Users & Reselling Remote Access

If you use Splashtop Remote Support, it’s now easy for you to provide or resell remote access to additional secondary users at no additional cost and it’s very quick and simple.

You can invite users from your Splashtop portal, and our system will automatically send emails to them with setup and login instructions. The users can only see and connect to the computers that you manage under your Splashtop Remote Support account and assign to them, and they can access those computers anywhere, anytime, from any device. This helps to expand the services you can provide to your customers instantly, without any extra charges!

Here’s how it works

Splashtop Additional Users

Internal IT Example
As an IT admin or help desk person, I can give our employees Bob and Mary free remote access to the computers that I manage under our Splashtop Remote Support account. I just need to set them up as Member users in our Splashtop dashboard. If Mary also wants remote access to an unmanaged computer (like her home computer), she would have to buy a separate license from Splashtop for that.

MSP Example
We manage 100 computers for the XYZ company. We can charge XYZ extra to provide their employees like Bob and Mary with remote access to their work computers that we manage with Splashtop Remote Support. It costs us nothing to provide that extra service. We just set them up as Member users in our dashboard.

How to add Secondary Users to Splashtop Remote Support

Go to my dashboard at my.splashtop.com and log in.

Select Management | Users

User Management

Then click the Invite Users button

Invite Users Button

Enter their email address(es) in the dialog.

Note: You can assign access permissions at this point by assigning them to a group or you or you can assign them to a group or select the computers they will have access to in a later step.

Splashtop User Invite Dialog

You will get a confirmation that the invitation has been sent.

Note: The invitation may fail if the user has a paid or trial license for Splashtop Business or Splashtop Remote Support with an error message that they are already part of another group. As a workaround, you can invite them with a different email address.

Invitation Sent

The new user or users are listed with Invited status in the dashboard

Click the gear icon for each user to set their options. This is where you can set their access if you didn’t assign them to a group when you invited them.

Splashtop Remote Support Settings

See the Splashtop Support article on setting Splashtop Business Remote Support user and group permissions for more details on how to give your new user access to a specific computer or computers or group access.

Now the additional user has free remote access to the managed computer(s) that you specified.

In Review

It’s easy for Splashtop Remote Support admins to create new user accounts to give others remote access to the computers you manage under your Splashtop Remote Support account at no additional cost.

If you’re part of an IT department, this is a great way to enable remote computer access for employees of your organization using a tool you already have, technology you are already familiar with, and with no additional cost.

If you’re a MSP you can use this functionality to generate additional revenue by providing and charging your clients for remote access to the computers that you manage with Splashtop Remote Support and there is no cost from Splashtop for you to provide that user access via the steps above.

Get started now

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